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Connect Tuesday Prayer Night!

I am excited to report that our first prayer service at Wind of The Spirit Fellowship started last night and God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit was in attendance.

We came together to start a special weekly day of prayer for all and every need or concern that we want to give up to the Lord in prayer as a sacrifice.

It started on 1/10/2023, and God gave me revelation on the significance of this start date. As you read on, be blessed.

God says to put our loved ones in His hands, and He will go and recover them into the kingdom of God. They will be saved and delivered.


One - unity & primacy of the God family being one singular sacrifice. (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit)

Ten - authority, completeness of order & responsibility, holiness, and whatever God creates becomes a resting place for His presence.

Twenty-three - (Psalm 23 connection with David) representing protection, guidance, refreshment, abundant blessing and promise of eternal life to those who love Him, change, progress and innovation.

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