• Erisa Lewis

Happy Valentine's Day!!

If no one stopped you to say Happy Valentine's Day, then you just heard it from me. Happy Valentine's Day to you. This is a day to grab the people in your life and show them appreciation for being here with you.

Some of us may not be in romantic relationships right now and this is completely acceptable. You have a right to decide who you want to join you in life's journey. Don't let other people's expectations for how they think your life should be.....drag you down. Most people who live their life to show off for other's are actually miserable most times. Be true to who you are and what you need.

In my younger years, I tried to live up to my mother's expectation of me and I was confused as to why this was necessary for me and I wasn't fulfilled at all. I even ended up marrying a guy she matched me with by verbal suggestion and nudging. Needless to say I ended up divorcing him after having our 4th child.

I knew I wasn't truly happy with him. His mission wasn't about seeing me happy, therefore we weren't.

I just want you to understand that your life is what you make it and you're the only person that can determine what makes you happy.

Start this Valentine's Day with a purpose to see yourself happy and in love with yourself. You can't expect other people to love you if you don't even love you.

Once you start to repair your mindset and position your heart to be open to a better response from love, then you will receive a better response from love. Reject anything that doesn't feel like love to you.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!

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