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To Date or Not To Date?

With today's uncertainty in the social world of dating, there isn't much motivation to date anymore or to keep having the hope of finding someone worth keeping in your life.

We all have an idea of the person we want to meet, befriend, date and even marry one day, if possible. The problem is that our idea of who we have in our minds to choose from is far from the reality we are faced with from the selection of suitable and/or available people that are actually available to us.

Everyone has a preference and that's how attraction works. Your mind and body gravitates to someone that sparks your interest. Visual stimulation is usually the first sign of attraction to someone but other elements about them may increase or stop the attraction at just that. Visual.

If you have the opportunity to hold a conversation with the object of your affection, then you can further assess that person and see if they have more of the qualities you're looking for in a partner.

I can relate to all the people out there who have a desire to find a good partner but are limited of the time and patience it takes to tolerate the search process.

Whether you are the one waiting to be found by someone worth your investment or the one searching for a partner worth connecting with, just remember that anything worth having is best attained with true intentions.

Don't let someone waste your precious time if they have time to waste. Leave that space and energy for someone that knows what they want with you and they prove their intentions with action and honesty.

You can be with anyone else that is willing to put the work into a relationship with you, rather than letting someone put you on hold on a dusty shelf, or let you warm the bench on the sidelines while they keep searching for better than you or less than you if they can't elevate their character to match yours or actually make you happy to be with them.

Insecurity in relationships is what kills most of them. If someone is too much for you to handle emotionally, then DON"T APPROACH THEM.

Stop dating until you get yourself together. Take time off to deal with the insecurities you have when getting into relationships. You're going to do more damage in this area of your life if you never process these issues.

To date or not to date is your choice. So when you're ready to fly again your wings will be stronger and you have a better chance of reaching your destination to love.

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