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Trust? Vulnerability? Can I really trust you?

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

It's very hard today to learn how to trust after your heart has been broken. Fear of being hurt again is intimidating and you don't want to repeat the same mistakes again with someone new. The only way to teach yourself to trust again is to practice with a person you DON'T trust yet. I mean test yourself with them in a small challenge or when an issue comes up make sure to face it to see how you handle it this time. If you respond in the negative way or familiar way that you're used to responding and it causes an emotional avalanche, then you're not quite ready. Take a moment to reset yourself and try again. I've learned that trust comes from within and you learn how to trust others by them responding to you in a way that makes you at ease with them. You CAN'T control their personality or HOW they respond. If you always feel that the other person gives you a reason NOT to trust them, then tell them why. If they continue to fail at this particular issue with you, then you have a decision to make concerning yourself

, not them. Meaning if it's something you can't get over, then walk away. If it's something you feel your over anxious about, then take time on the sidelines in your own quiet time to think on why this makes you feel the way you feel about it. Usually you can come to the source of the fear and change the way YOU respond to it.

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